Via Graduates in the Midst of Cancer Fight

FE UNY held a graduation ceremony for the period of October 2019, Thursday (31/10). This ceremony was attended by 59 participants. Among the participants, Oktaviani from the S1 Accounting Study Program was a special one. Octaviani, or Via, successfully completed her studies with a GPA of 3.58 and won the title "Cum Laude" in the midst of lymph node cancer (or Lymphoma) that has plagued her for several months.

Quoting the words of a lymphoma survivor named Intan Khasanah, Via is optimistic that as long as life is still given, there is still a mission to complete. Underwent surgery in February 2019, Via was unable to walk normally in August 2019. This made her undergo daily mobility in a wheelchair. However, this graduate of SMA N 2 Wonosari continues her activities as usual and conducts thesis guidance with her supervisor. And, it was proven that the Bidikmisi recipient was able to complete the study in the chosen study program according to her mother's suggestion.

Nurul Khasanah, who achieves a GPA of 3.80, was the highest in this graduation ceremony. Enka, as she is often called, is also a Bidikmisi recipient. Enka's parents are only odd laborers, sometimes working as farmers or craftsmen. Thanks to her achievements at school, Enka was accepted into the S1 Accounting Education Study Program. Enka, who wants to become an accountant, chose the S1 Accounting Education study program because she was amazed by her teacher at SMK. According to her, it is important to practice the knowledge you have.

Another figure who was not less successful in this judicium was Wahidya Difta Sunanda. The graduate of the S1 Management study program is active in student organizations, especially Students Organization. The eldest of 4 children, the couple's son of Sumarno and Nanik Sri Murni (late), was active in BEM FE UNY, BEM UNY, and also at SEMAR (Sedulur Mahasiswa Reog) YSU. Thanks to his activities in the field of student affairs, he had the opportunity to do a study visit to FPT University in Vietnam some time ago. (fadhli)