Study Abroad May Advance Adaptability

Afifah Puspitaliza and Lisa Utari, two students of FE UNY, are studying for one semester at Kasetsart University, Thailand, in this even semester. Although the classes are still held online, both of them have been in Bangkok since the end of last year. Afifah, or Ifah, and Lisa are participants of the One Semester Scholarship Program for ASEAN Students: In Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Kasetsart University (OSSPAS). This program gives them the opportunity to take 3 courses for one semester until May 17, 2022.

Both students enjoy their academic life on campus. Ifah was amazed by the lectures there. "It's fun, comfortable, the campus is cool, and student services are fast and easy," she said.

Ifah, majoring in Accounting, wishes to travel the world. Therefore, participating in such program becomes her first step and her motivation, to hone her soft skills and hard skills, to improve knowledge and experience, and to learn to adapt in other countries.

In line with Ifah, Lisa has also longed to study abroad because she believes in the various educational benefits and experiences gained. "Studying and living abroad in my opinion are the right ways to develop myself into a more independent and adaptable person. Apart from that, of course, this valuable experience is very useful to increase my knowledge and broaden my views. Not only about the educational system, but also about the way of life, friendship, and much more," explained Lisa.

Even though they are still in Southeast Asia, Ifah and Lisa feel the different languages, cultures, and lives that challenge them. "People here rarely speak English and the alphabetic system is also different," said Ifah. Lisa added, looking for halal food there also requires more effort. "(So far) I cook, before fasting I also cook, to save money," explained Lisa. They carry out their prayers and activities during Ramadan in Bangkok without difficulties. "It's just that we live in Bangkok, which is not a Muslim area, so we don't quite feel the vibes," explained Lisa.

Ifah invites FE UNY students not to stop trying if they want to study abroad. "Don't give up, keep improving your English. Boost your achievements, and don't hesitate to try," Ifah concluded. (fdhli)