FE UNY Elected Its Department Leaders

The Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY held an election for the chairman and secretaries of departments at FE UNY, Tuesday (29/10) yesterday. This change is expected to make the departments develop dynamically. Each department holds a meeting which is attended by all lecturers in each department. The four majors are Accounting Education, Economic Education, Administration Education, and Management.

The meeting is chaired by the oldest lecturer and accompanied by the youngest lecturer as secretary. According to the results of the election process, here are the heads of departments (kajur) and secretaries of departments (sekjur) elected.

In the Department of Accounting Education, a lecturer who recently completed his doctoral education in Australia, Ani Widayati, M.Pd., Ed.D., will lead the department with Amanita Novi Yushita, M.Sc. as Secretary of the Department.

In the Department of Economic Education, Ahmad Hafidh Saiful Fikri Hall, M.Si. re-elected as Secretary of the Department and accompanying the Head of the elected Department, Dr. Maimun Sholeh, M.Si. Meanwhile, in the Administrative Education Department, Muslikhah Dwihartanti, who was previously the Secretary of the Department, is now elected as Chairman and will be accompanied by Siti Umi Khayatun Mardiyah, M.Pd.

Finally, in the Department of Management, a lecturer who previously served as Head of D3 Marketing Management Study Program, Agung Utama, M.Sc., was elected as the Head of the Department and was accompanied by the Secretary of the Department, Farlianto, M.B.A. (fadhli)