Faculty of Economics Plant Tree, Commemorating Its 11th Dies Natalis

The Faculty of Economics (FE) of UNY is entering its eleventh year in 2022. To enliven the commemoration, FE UNY held a ceremony to announce the 11th Anniversary, Saturday (11/6). This year's Anniversary, the theme is “Realizing Superior, Creative, and Innovative Sustainable Economics and Business Education”. In this launching ceremony, FE UNY held a series of events involving various elements of the faculty members. Besides sports and miscellaneous competitions, FE UNY planted trees in front of the IDB FE UNY Laboratory. The tree planting was carried out by the Chairperson of the FE UNY Senate, Prof. Suyanto, Ph.D., and the Dean of FE UNY.

The Dean of FE UNY, Dr. Siswanto, M.Pd. said, hopefully, this tree planting event will be a symbol of the faculty's contribution to all faculty members and also the community with various benefits. "This is also one of the Green Metric points that support environmental sustainability in this faculty and campus," he explained.

“We organize sports and various competitions to strengthen the relationship between lecturers, staff, and students. Today there are many competitions and on Sunday (12/6) there is a badminton competition. The committee also opened a bazaar to provide opportunities for students or other parties who want to showcase their products here,” added the Head of the Anniversary Committee, Dr. Sutirman, M.Pd.

“FE UNY is the youngest faculty at UNY, but so far it has been getting more and more achievements. Lecturers, staff, and especially students, have achieved various achievements. We thank the students who have boosted the faculty's reputation in the national or international arena,” added Siswanto.

The declaration of the 11th Anniversary was marked by the release of 11 birds by the dean, head of departments, and coordinators of study programs as well as the Administrative Coordinator of FE UNY. This event was also attended by the Senate of the Faculty of Economics, student representatives, Dharma Wanita, as well as the family of employees who enlivened various competitions such as table tennis competition, plastic volleyball competition, chess competition, tug of war competition, room cleanness competition, etc. (fdhl)