Call For Papers: The Third Annual Indonesian Scholars Conference in Taiwan


“Acceleration and Development of Information and Communication Technology
Research Based on Global Demand: Improving Sustainable Synergism of
Academics, Industry and Government”

Committee for Science and Technology Transfer in Taiwan (IC3T). The conference aims to present
technological advances and research results in the multi-discipline areas in an international forum for
Indonesian scholars. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of AISC-Taiwan 2012 (ISSN :
2086-5953). Acceptance will be based on the quality, relevance and originality. This conference will
focus on all topics, including, but not limited to :
Ü Culture, Linguistic and Social Change Study
Ü Economy, Management and Business
Ü Electronics, Automatic Control, Computer Science
and Information Technology
Ü Material and Manufacture
Ü Infrastructure and Disaster Management
Ü Renewable Energy and Climate Change
Ü Environment and Sustainable Development
Ü Agriculture and Agribusiness
Ü Health and Pharmacy

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